Top 5 Art Pieces Perfect for Casino Lovers
Top 5 Art Pieces Perfect for Casino Lovers

Top 5 Art Pieces Perfect for Casino Lovers

Gambling and casinos are favorite pastimes of many millions around the world. Among those millions, there are also many who enjoy fine art just as much as they enjoy trying their luck on video slots or at a roulette table.

If you’re looking to merge those two passions, this article is for you. We’ve picked top five art pieces that every true lover of arts and casino gaming will appreciate. To get some ideas on how to expand your collection, keep on reading.

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker – Series of Paintings by Coolidge

We couldn’t write an article such as this without mentioning this legendary piece of casino art. Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker series is one of the most famous gambling-related pieces of art in existence and you just know you’d love to have one of these on your wall.

Unfortunately, it is most likely out of your budget as these pictures regularly go for high six-figures, so it’s not something you just order off of Amazon.

That said, you never know when your lucky casino run might come next, boosting your budget. To get the best value on your next sessions, check out this great resource for finding the top rated mobile casinos for best bonuses and promotions around.

The Card Players Series by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players Series by Paul Cézanne

Even if you’re just marginally interested in arts, you probably know the name of Paul Cézanne. He is one of the best known Post-Impressionist painters who played an important role in the development of modern arts.

Among many of his works is the Card Players series of oil paintings. There are five works in the series, depicting people playing cards in different settings.

And, if you thought Dogs Playing Poker paintings were expensive, you should hold to your hats for this one. In 2012, the state of Qatar bought one of the paintings from the series for head-spinning $250 million!

At the Roulette Table Painting by Edward Munch

At the Roulette Table – Painting by Edward Munch

Another famous work of art depicting the casino atmosphere is Munch’s painting “At the Roulette Table in Monte Carlo.” You’re probably familiar with his style through his most famous work of art, “The Scream,” and the casino-inspired painting has many similarities in terms of lines and colors.

It tries to convey the unrest and nervousness of fancy-dressed men and women gathered around a roulette table as they wait for the outcome.

We don’t know what’s the exact price for this particular painting, but “The Scream” was sold to an anonymous buyer back in 2012 for the record-breaking $120 million, so that should give you a solid start point.

Slot Machine Queen Painting by Shelly Wilkerson

Slot Machine Queen – Painting by Shelly Wilkerson

If you’re looking for something with a more recent date, the “Slot Machine Queen” painting by Shelly Wilkerson is a good pick. The piece of art tries to capture to excitement of hitting a big win on a slot machine through a representation of an elderly lady fully immersed in the game.

Unlike the paintings listed thus far, you can get this one for as little as $20! The style may not be to everyone’s taste, and even the critics can’t agree if this is an amazing painting or an example of bad art. But, if you like it, that’s the only thing that counts!

las vegas casino sign

Various Las Vegas Signs

While these don’t belong under the classic heading of “art,” every casino lover appreciates an original Las Vegas sign. There are all sorts up for sale, coming in different shapes and sizes. Street names, welcome to Las Vegas neon boards, and much more is available online.

Prices vary from just a few bucks to a few hundred dollars, so depending on your budget and preferences, you should be able to find something cool to decorate your living room with.