Sage Stories

Sage Stories



We want to learn more about you! ArtSage is working to collect stories that allow us to connect, share, build relationships and honor artistic endeavors of all people engaged in the arts and aging movement.

Some of Your SageStories

A 76-year-old retired carpenter came to my studio with a lovely, light tenor voice and no note-reading skills or confidence to join a group. Now he is reading music, is having the time of his life singing with his barbershop chorus, and even soloing in several concerts. He also has the confidence to sing lead tenor with a quartet.

Marian Hoffman, singer and teaching artist

During a Presbyterian Homes memory care art class, an elegant and very proper fellow of 97 years was listening as I talked about France and Henri Matisse, watching as I showed colorful paintings. And all at once the man started speaking French! He was just as startled as everyone else, saying, “I didn’t know!” but he spent the rest of the session happily tossing French words and phrases back and forth with me. The memory was gone again by the next class, but that brief moment, triggered by art, was magical.

Michèle Coppin, painter and teaching artist