Arts Aging Workshop

Arts Aging Workshop

Intro to Arts & Aging Workshops

Bring ArtSage to You

Bring ArtSage into your community for a full-day workshop about the growing field of Arts & Aging!

For elders, artists, arts and cultural organizations, health providers, caregivers, and senior-serving organizations:

  • Learn about the latest research supporting the benefits of arts participation for older adults.
  • Network with others in your community interested in the field of Arts & Aging.
  • Get resources to support your efforts to integrate the arts into programming.
  • Participate in interactive and fun demonstrations taught by master teaching artists of the ArtSage interdisciplinary, multi-modal approach, which layers creative experiences—adding poetry to movement, or visual art to song, and includes sensory aspects of touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Intro to Arts & Aging in your community, the cost for a full-day workshop with 3-4 presenters is $3,500 (does not include meals or travel). Up to 60 participants at each workshop is ideal. Half-day workshops are also available.