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Lisbon is Subverting Street Art Cliches Through Creative Workshops for Older People
by Kate Sierzputowski on This Is Colossal—May 26, 2015

Writers Find Perspective at Pathstone
by Robb Murray, Mankato Free Press—March 12, 2015

White House Conference on Aging Issues Policy Briefs, Asks for Public Comment on Four Major Policy Areas
WHCoA Newsletter—May 28, 2015

The White House Conference on Aging has released four policy briefs on the topics of retirement security, healthy aging, long-term services and supports, and elder justice.

The briefs define and frame each issue and examine it from various perspectives. They also include comments collected from the Conference on Aging website, and the latest in evidence based information. Each Brief concludes with a series of discussion questions, to which organizations and individuals are encouraged to respond. Comments received by June 12 will be used to develop a report that will be issued in conjunction with the summer conference.

According to Nora Super, Executive Director of the WHCOA, “The briefs provide the public with a very concrete and important way to share their feedback on how we best prepare as nation for our coming aging society.”

Mayo Clinic Study of Individuals Over 85: Midlife arts, crafts and socializing tied to better late-life cognition
Reuters — April 8, 2015

Why Walking Helps Us Think
The New Yorker — September 3, 2014

It Isn’t Called Dancer’s Block: Neuroscience on Writer’s Block
The Writing Cycle Blog — March 1, 2015

The Sync Project – Music Over Drugs in Future Medical Treatment
Geek Snack — March 12, 2015

Your Brain on Art
Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester NY) — October 29, 2014

Finding Success, Well Past the Age of Wunderkind
New York Times — March 20, 2015

New VocalEssence Vintage Voices Choirs Bring the Power of Singing to Seniors
Vocal Essence website — March 20, 2015

Two Generations, Retired and Together
New York Times — March 11, 2015

Art Does Heal: Scientists Say Appreciating Creative Works Can Fight Off Disease
The Telegraph (UK) — February 10, 2015

Older Actors Are Taking to the Stage
Theater Companies See Growing Interest Among the 50-Plus Crowd Wall Street Journal — March 15, 2015

NOTE: Stuart Kandell of Stagebridge Senior Theatre will be the keynote speaker at the the second Midwest Arts & Aging Conference, sponsored by ArtSage on June 19, 2015 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Creative Aging: The Emergence of Artistic Talents
The Atlantic — January 14 2013

In Alzheimer’s Disease, Maintaining Connection and ‘Saving Face’
The Atlantic — November 27, 2012

Trillium Woods in Plymouth nearing completion
Project will help redefine the way seniors live—and age—in the Twin Cities metro area
Star Tribune — February 26, 2015

Alzheimer’s chorus specializes in songs to remember
Star Tribune — March 4, 2015

Artists’ brains are structurally different, study finds
Freelancers’ Union Blog — August 7, 2014

Acting happy helps keep us healthy, Dr. Dale Anderson says
Star Tribune — February 26, 2015

Unretirement: A different stage — Former Presbyterian pastor Kristine Holmgren finds a new calling in the theater
Star Tribune — February 24, 2015

Poet Lucille Broderson began three-decade writing career in her 60s; published poetry at age 94
Star Tribune — February 24, 2015

Just don’t call me old: Baby boomers waging a war on words
Star Tribune — January 4, 2015

Can Alzheimer’s be treated with the arts? Researchers trying to measure the effects of music, art and dance on age-related disabilities
The Washington Post — December 26, 2014

Choir Connects Alzheimer’s Patients, Loved Ones
NBC Nightly News – December 21, 2014

Giving Voice Chorus Overpowers Alzheimer’s
WCCO / CBS Minnesota – December 4, 2014

Alzheimer’s choir finds magic in music
KARE11 – December 4, 2014

Giving Voice Chorus: Alzheimer’s patients connect with others through singing
Minnesota Public Radio – December 4, 2014

Community Healer: Tim Carpenter Changing the Story of Senior Living: How to Thrive as We Age
California Health – Spring 2014 (pages 14-17 in pdf)

The Age-Old Old Age Problem
Newsweek – September 24, 2014

Community Arts Partnership Launches “Community Arts and Dementia”
Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Why Creative People Age Better
HuffPost Living Canada – August 19, 2014

Study Finds Making Art May Keep Our Brains Healthy
Hyperallergic – Sensitive to Art and its Discontents – July 9, 2014

Making Art Boosts Seniors’ Psychological Resilience
Pacific Standard Magazine – July 7, 2014 The Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media, and Public Policy

Second Acts: Why “Rediscovered Artists” Art the Art Market’s New Darlings
Blouin ArtInfo – April 24, 2013

Lifetime of Learning May Help Prevent Dementia
CBS News – June 24, 2014

TV Actors Like Ian McKellen Are Having A Senior Moment
Minneapolis Star Tribune – June 23, 2014

Your Brain’s Got Rhythm, And Syncs When You Think
National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” June 17, 2014

Moving is Good for You, Dancing Even Better
LIVEWELL® Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – June 6, 2014
Article by ArtSage partner Maria Genné, Kairos Alive!